Our Story

Begins circa 2004 in a small town named, Helotes "He-Lotus," just outside of San Antonio, Texas.  Shortly after my first son was born, our first ever yellow labrador retriever was added to the family.  We named him, "GIRO" while at a mountain bike race in Lajitas, Texas.  Giro was a great little puppy, except that he loved to chew on anything and everything.....as most of all of us can relate to!  Giro easily gnawed through at least 5 department store nylon dog leashes within the first year!

Our second yellow lab, "KONA" was hand-picked by the family after a short drive to the hill country town of Kerrville, Texas  Kona was very iconic and unique as he had beautiful baby blue eyes and super soft pink nose.  Kona was named after a family trip to Kona, Hawaii.  Kona was a typical lab puppy and he too began to chew on garden hoses, rope, sticks, deck railings, fencing, chairs, collars and of course endless dog leashes.  After my third frustrating trip to the local pet supply store, I finally decided, "there has got to be a better dog leash."  I decided to design a chew proof dog leash that our dogs couldn't chew through.  A couple of sketches and some fast prototyping in my garage the first ever Tuff Leash was born.  

Fast forward to 2012 and our third labrador was added to the fleet.  "ASPEN" was added to the family and she was the official beta tester for the initial Tuff Leash prototypes, marketing materials and more.  

Chew Proof Technologies LLC was officially born in the small Texas Hill Country town of Boerne, Texas.  Pronounced "Burn-E."  Our first order was place by Julie D, a trusting lady from Rancho Palos Verdes, California.  We are ever grateful for her confidence in our brand new dog leash technology.

Today, every chew proof dog leash and collar are built in our Fredericksburg, Texas "Leash Lab."  Fredericksburg has been described as the "Prettiest town in Texas, best small town for shopping, and the best wine region."  We love the people of Fredericksburg and it's definitely dog friendly!

Our mission is simple:

1)  Build the TUFFest, coolest, and longest-lasting chew proof dog leashes, collars, leads and splitters on the planet.

2)  Provide world-class customer service.  Pro Tip: E-mail us for fastest service.

3) Continue to innovate and solve everyday puppy problems.

So the big question is WHY are our dog leashes and collars different from the competition?  The answer is simple:

Our proprietary TUFF Leash Technology allows us to embed vinyl coated stainless steel braided cable inside of the nylon webbing and then it is sewn with industrial grade thread.  We pioneered this new and innovative technology in our Leash Lab and we will continue to dominate the chew proof dog industry.

But wait, there is more.  Chew Proof Technologies offers you a Lifetime Leash Guarantee.  IF your dog chews completely through their leash or collar, we will replace it for $20 bucks.  

It's as simple as that.  #ProblemSolved.

Chew Proof Technologies Founder Eric C 

Tuff Leash Inventor and Chief Leash Officer