TUFF Leash Outdoor Water Shield Protection

TUFF Leash Outdoor Water Shield Protection

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Another innovation from our Leash Lab!  Now you can add the ultimate protection against the elements to your brand new leash or collar!

For just $5 bucks, we will apply our outdoor water shield protection which repels rain and snow to keep your brand new leash or collar from becoming beat-up by Mother Nature.  Let us do the messy work!

How does it work?

  • Repels rain, snow, and moisture
  • Creates a durable barrier against water
  • Keeps your dog leash drier longer
  • Keeps your dog collar drier longer
  • Long lasting protection that allows the webbing to "breathe"
  • Dries quickly
  • Odorless when dry
  • Pure bliss

Simply add this marinade to your shopping cart and we will make sure that your new Tuff Leash gets some extra special love.  


We will apply the outdoor water shield protection your leash or collar in the Leash Lab Factory before it ships.  We will then DRY it before it has been packed and shipped.